It is the core, end to end banking platform that allows the entire banking system to operate on a single platform. It covers all channels such as business process management, transaction-oriented document management system, human resources, ERP, reporting and mobile banking and IVR. This integrated system, which provides IT operation and investment cost advantages, offers a serious advantage especially in terms of new product development.


BOA is a software banking product that is approved by Turkey Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) and Germany Supervision Authority (BaFin). Currently, it is used in Kuveyt Türk, Emlak Katılım, Vakıf Katılım and Golden Global Banks and Turkcell Financing Company in Turkey and KT Bank AG in Germany.


The financial technology products we have developed for more than 10 years are used in 60 financial entities in 20 countries.

P2P Lending

The P2P platform, which enables higher-return investments by eliminating financial institutions as intermediaries, provides funds transfer through online platforms without third parties. In this type of intermediary, banks are disabled and two parties with excess funds and fund deficits come together on the platform. With the elimination of intermediary of financial institutions, creditors may have the opportunity to choose their loanee or they can determine the profit rate they want, depending on the type of risk they will undertake.


Those in need of funds have the opportunity to choose the most suitable one from the entry prices, while at the same time providing funds at a lower cost. Those with fund surplus can earn higher returns than they would get in classical banking. Architecht provides fast and reliable fund transfer by eliminating financial institutions as intermediaries with its P2P Lending platform.


Ethix-NG is designed to meet the needs of more than 60 bank customers of ITS in 22 different countries, a technology subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House, in a modular structure and highly definition-based. Ethix-NG is a project of developing a new Interest-Free Banking system established with modern technology and approaches. More than 100 Architecht engineers continue to work with a high motivation in the project.