About Architecht

Our story goes long way back but it is new as well. When we blended our years of finance and banking expertise with technology, something wonderful came out: Architecht.


Architecht, established in 2015 as a 100% subsidiary of Kuveyt Turk Participation Bank, revealed a brand new vision when it was understood how the main banking applications developed within the group companies to which it is associated turned into competitive advantage. Later, it was decided to spread this technology all over the world.

What Does Architecht Do?

We aim to become a brand that develops competitive and effective products under market conditions by using innovative technologies about financial technologies and offers products / services at a global level to our customer portfolio which has been enriched by the global business volume in Europe, Asia and MENA region, especially Türkiye. In line with this objective, as we serve all banks and technology companies of Kuwait Finance House Group, which is a leading global financial group, we incorporate the finance, technology and security knowledge experience of 60+ banks.


As Architecht, we have the vision of being a company that builds platforms that connect the financial industry around the world. With the experience we have as a technology and innovation company, we are here to open our innovative products to the world with the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. More than 600 great engineers and experts are working in this constitution, which has solid experience and high excitement.


Our biggest goal is to design the future world of financial technology with our advanced technology, where security is at a high level and we constantly pursue innovation.

References of Architecht

Architecht's innovative products are used in the worldwide businesses. We are proud to assist many well-known companies and institutions such as Kuwait Finance House, ITS, KT Bank AG, Turkcell, Vakıf Katılım, Emlak Participation, Albaraka Turk, Golden Global.



Develop financial digital projects align with customer needs by using recent and robust technologies, then to transform these projects into global projects


Develop global and innovative technologies for financial institutions.