Digital Banking Platform

Digital Banking Platform is an easily scalable software package with a modular architecture that allows the functions required for Digital Banking and Service Model Banking (BaaS), defined within the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) framework, to work on a single platform.

Architecht's Digital Banking Platform ensures that customer acquisition through digital channels and financial transactions required by customers are carried out quickly with established processes and advanced user experience accumulation. It makes it easier for digital banks to start operating comply with current legal regulations with its proven success in banking. The core banking, loans, treasury, financial control, accounting, digital channels, institution integrations, receivables management are the main modules in the platform. While the modular structure of the platform allows flexibility in expanding digital banking services, it includes modules for providing BaaS solutions with API sharing.

It is now much easier to provide digital banking and service model banking services (BaaS) with Architecht's Digital Banking Platform, including 30 years of financial technology experience and constantly updating itself.

BOA Banking and Technology Platform

An end-to-end core banking platform allows all functions required by banks to operate on a single platform. BOA is actively used in Kuveyt Türk Bank, Emlak Katılım Bank, Vakıf Katılım Bank, Destek Bank, Golden Global Bank, Turkcell Finansman, TOM Digital Company and KT Bank AG in Germany. BOA core banking platform offers a variety of modules that allow a bank to perform many banking functions. These modules are the core banking, loans, treasury, foreign trade, international banking, payment systems, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), campaign management, financial control, accounting, digital channels ATM (Automatic Teller Machine), XTM (External Transfer Money), call center, telephone banking, institution integrations, collections management, human resources, administrative services, purchasing management and mobile sales automation. BOA also offers budget management and artificial intelligence modules. It continues to provide 10,000 screens, more than 1,500 business intelligence reports and more than 1,200 business processes and more than 10 business channels.

All of its infrastructure modules are definition-based. It is simple to develop additional modules or update existing modules in BOA. The software has been developed by considering the best practices of PMI, Agile, COBIT, ITIL, Owasp, VISA and similar international standards, worldwide experience and international security criteria. The modular structure enables simple installation. In addition, BOA's operating costs are low compared to other solutions.

Investment Banking Platform

Architecht's Investment Banking Platform offers institutions that want to serve in this field all the technological infrastructure they need from end to end. This definition-based private banking software, consisting of essential components such as finance, treasury, foreign trade, accounting, customer management, receivables management, international banking, and many sub-components, is updated regularly according to market needs. Investment Banking Platform's features, including the Integrated Workflow System, which provides transaction management capability, and the Document Management System components, which provide practical and straightforward tracking of documents, make it a preferred choice among banks in Turkey.

Consumer Finance System

It is a fully functional consumer financing solution built on top of BOA Banking And Technology Platform in order to solve system needs for financing companies.

Along with platform infrastructure, modules like Customer Management, Loan Scoring, Allotment and Utilization, Receivables Management, Legal Tracking, Accounting, Reporting, Integrations, Notifications, Commission and Expense Management, Business Process Management, Document Management, Information Management enable required end-to-end functionality for consumer financing.

Supplier Financing System

Thanks to modules offered with the Supplier Finance System infrastructure such as Customer Management, Credit Scoring, Allocation and Disbursement, Receivables Management, Legal Tracking, Accounting, Reporting, Integrations, Notifications, Commission and Expense Management, Business Process Management, Document Management, Information Management, the functionality required for supplier financing is provided end to end. Architecht Supplier Financing System, which solves the financing needs of suppliers and buyers with its high technology infrastructure; Thanks to its flexible integration capabilities, it can be integrated into any core banking system.


It is a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) solution that can work with SaaS and on-premise models for mobile and web applications and increases security capabilities. Financial institutions find the opportunity to authenticate their end customers through multiple channels while they log into mobile or web applications. PowerFactor, which can be easily managed with a separate management panel, currently provides application login security for 2 million banking and finance customers.

We develop cloud-based security, AI based credit limit estimation and open banking products with the software as a service (SaaS) model.


It is a PSD2 compatible API gateway solution and an integrated API management platform that enables banks and various financial institutions to share their APIs to all users in a secure and manageable way through a single platform. With Airapi, all operations needed by different roles in API Development Lifecycle processes such as; API development, testing, production, authentication, authorization, API traffic control, monitoring and reporting can be performed. In addition to the Open Banking, Airapi covers API features for Banking as a Service (BaaS) business model as well.


XTM is an video teller machine operating branch where banking transactions can be performed easily by connecting to the call center via video conference method. It is as practical as an ATM and as rich as a branch with its high security interactive special digital device. In addition, XTM has English, Arabic and Sign Language options. XTM is located in 20 different locations in Türkiye, exported to foreign countries, as well.

We develop solutions suitable for the new world with our unmanned ATM model XTM and payment methods.