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ApiGo Joined Berlin NextGenPSD2 Advisory Group photo

ApiGo Joined Berlin NextGenPSD2 Advisory Group

Cloud-based ApiGo, which was developed by Architecht and help to develop PSD2 compliant open banking applications, joined the Berlin NextGenPSD2 advisory group. Open banking is becoming more important for financial businesses gradually. Traditional financial institutions open their products and services to third parties with Open Banking Solutions. On the other hand, FinTechs provide solutions that improve the traditional finance sector with value added products. API solutions, which is one of the basic components of Open Banking, forms one of the most important fields for FinTechs. "PSD2 compliant Open Banking" product ApiGo solution, designed by local technology company Architecht, provides end-to-end SaaS (software as a service) services to banks and financial companies. ApiGo aims to expedite banks' regulatory processes with PSD2 (The Payment Services Directive-2) compliance. It provides the technological infrastructure for both traditional financial institutions and for FinTechs to offer new business models with open banking. ApiGo, deemed worthy of the grand prize by “Stevie Award 2020”, also joined Berlin NextGenPSD2 advisory group. Currently in NextGenPSD2 group, there are 26 big time operators from 10 different Euro zones and the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Türkiye, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Serbia and Switzerland. It has a power representing more than 25 billion debit / credit cards in total. In the Berlin NextGenPSD2 Group works, ApiGo aims to provide an actual separation of payment plans and processing activities required to provide effective SEPA payment services to the market.