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PowerFactor: Architecht's Multi-factor Authentication Product photo

PowerFactor: Architecht's Multi-factor Authentication Product

Architecht completed the SaaS transformation of its PowerFactor product, which provides multi-factor authentication services to the banks and financial institutions. Thereby, all mobile application owners right along with banks and financial institutions, will be able to perform multi-factor user authentication by integrating their mobile applications with PowerFactor via cloud. PowerFactor is a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution that provides simple and secure authentication for bank and finance mobile applications. This method, also known as multi-step authentication method, enables access to the mobile application by specifying a 6-digit PIN after verifying the customer's device by use of "device as a token". If the users wish, they can also add the biometrics layer and access their banking account securely. With its passwordless approach, it offers customers an experience to quickly log into mobile branch without using a password. In addition to mobile and web authentication, especially for transaction verification, it ensures the security of customers with alternative methods by enabling confirmation via smart watch or QR code. With its advanced secure infrastructure, risky situations such as network attacks can be prevented during the transaction. In the event of any fraud attempt, the security is maximized and customers' accounts are protected against hackers.