Digital Banking Platform

Digital Banking Platform is an easily scalable software package with a modular architecture that allows the functions required for Digital Banking and Service Model Banking (BaaS), defined within the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) framework, to work on a single platform.

Architecht's Digital Banking Platform ensures that customer acquisition through digital channels and financial transactions required by customers are carried out quickly with established processes and advanced user experience accumulation. It makes it easier for digital banks to start operating comply with current legal regulations with its proven success in banking. The core banking, loans, treasury, financial control, accounting, digital channels, institution integrations, receivables management are the main modules in the platform. While the modular structure of the platform allows flexibility in expanding digital banking services, it includes modules for providing BaaS solutions with API sharing.

It is now much easier to provide digital banking and service model banking services (BaaS) with Architecht's Digital Banking Platform, including 30 years of financial technology experience and constantly updating itself.