Airplatform, with the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, provides a fully managed end-to-end service platform to e-money institutions and payment facilitators. While it provides payment processing, payouts, and cash management infrastructure that payment facilitators need, it offers an end-to-end solution with its comprehensive card management system for e-money institutions. This cloud-based platform, with its modular framework, accelerates the go-to-market for e-money and payment services. Moreover, its scalable infrastructure helps fintechs grow.

Consumer Finance

It is a fully functional consumer financing solution built on top of BOA Banking And Technology Platform in order to solve system needs for financing companies.

Along with platform infrastructure, modules like Customer Management, Loan Scoring, Allotment and Utilization, Receivables Management, Legal Tracking, Accounting, Reporting, Integrations, Notifications, Commission and Expense Management, Business Process Management, Document Management, Information Management enable required end-to-end functionality for consumer financing.

Supplier Financing System

Thanks to modules offered with the Supplier Finance System infrastructure such as Customer Management, Credit Scoring, Allocation and Disbursement, Receivables Management, Legal Tracking, Accounting, Reporting, Integrations, Notifications, Commission and Expense Management, Business Process Management, Document Management, Information Management, the functionality required for supplier financing is provided end to end. Architecht Supplier Financing System, which solves the financing needs of suppliers and buyers with its high technology infrastructure; Thanks to its flexible integration capabilities, it can be integrated into any core banking system.


It is a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) solution that can work with SaaS and on-premise models for mobile and web applications and increases security capabilities. Financial institutions find the opportunity to authenticate their end customers through multiple channels while they log into mobile or web applications. PowerFactor, which can be easily managed with a separate management panel, currently provides application login security for 2 million banking and finance customers.

We develop cloud-based security, AI based credit limit estimation and open banking products with the software as a service (SaaS) model.


ApiGo is a product that enables banks and fintechs to offer all their APIs on a single platform, complies with PSD2 (Payment Service Directive 2) and Berlin Group Standards, and enables open banking management portal. With ApiGo API Gateway, new fintechs are integrated into banks and financial institutions.

P2P Lending

The P2P platform, which enables higher-return investments by eliminating financial institutions as intermediaries, provides funds transfer through online platforms without third parties. In this type of intermediary, banks are disabled and two parties with excess funds and fund deficits come together on the platform. With the elimination of intermediary of financial institutions, creditors may have the opportunity to choose their loanee or they can determine the profit rate they want, depending on the type of risk they will undertake.


Those in need of funds have the opportunity to choose the most suitable one from the entry prices, while at the same time providing funds at a lower cost. Those with fund surplus can earn higher returns than they would get in classical banking. Architecht provides fast and reliable fund transfer by eliminating financial institutions as intermediaries with its P2P Lending platform.


XTM is an video teller machine operating branch where banking transactions can be performed easily by connecting to the call center via video conference method. It is as practical as an ATM and as rich as a branch with its high security interactive special digital device. In addition, XTM has English, Arabic and Sign Language options. XTM is located in 20 different locations in Turkey, exported to foreign countries, as well.

We develop solutions suitable for the new world with our unmanned ATM model XTM and payment methods.